Originating in 1957 as Albury Border Transport, the business was acquired by Ansett in 1975. Border Express was launched in 1981 as an addition to the family’s hardware business and has grown strongly ever since. The hardware operations were sold in Nov 2006.

Border Express is a private company, originally owned by Max and Lynn Luff and now the second generation.

Max is Chairman and continues to be actively involved in the business. Max & Lynn’s four sons head up the various divisions with Grant as Managing Director, Geoff as Director – Linehaul, Mark as State Manager - Victoria, and Jon as State Manager - NSW. A number of the third generation family members also work in the company.

Certificate of registration on change of name

A few thoughts on the journey so far

30 years ago Border Express sent it’s very first load down the highway, one of seven trailers it had in the fleet. Corporate head office was a cosy affair (pictured below with Max in the doorway), three desks and a toilet in the rear.

BEX Head Office

From these humble beginnings the company has grown to employ nearly 1,000 people, which includes our full time sub contractors who are very much part of the family. We now have 11 branches and provide a national network to our wide variety of customers. Max scratches his head when the conversation turns to health and safety, compliance, chain of responsibility, fatigue management, HR, IT, innovation and process. Terminology such as this wasn’t even on the radar 30 years ago. Today Border Express has become a forerunner within the industry in many of these areas.

When discussing the achievements of the company recently over a beer, Max’s reply was that we have spent 30 years getting the company to the starting line. Whilst in his wildest dreams he didn’t expect the company to be what it is today, he believes that it is the next 10 that will be the truly exciting ones, as all the hard work and tough decisions that have been made by many people over the journey will come to fruition. It will be a great time to be at Border Express.

The last three years have been an extremely trying period, with many transport companies either being sold or going into liquidation. I am confident in saying that the worst is behind us and we are very focused on becoming recognised by our customers as an industry leader for service, delivery and value. We very much have our eyes on the future and being a high performing organisation.

Max thought perhaps the biggest initiative we have undertaken over the past few years has been the introduction of our core values. The family has recognised that who we are is all about values and the impact these values have on the organisation. It is our firm belief that an enduring commitment to our core values is the greatest strength and competitive advantage family ownership can bring to any company. Core values and the ability to take a long term vision is what stands family organisations apart.

At 80 years of age Max is as committed as ever, looking forward to the next 10 years and seeing the company develop into the third generation. We have a great opportunity to build something special and the family looks forward to you playing your part in this exciting time. Thank you all for the contribution you have played in the first 30 years, now for the next.

Grant Luff | Managing Director