Operational Risk
Operational Risk at Border Express

At Border Express we are committed to deliver 100%. That commitment encompasses all facets of our organisation and is distilled in practice through our Core Values.

Health and Safety - it is more than safe equipment, facilities and systems. It extends to ourselves and is demonstrated in our decisions and actions. It is core to who we are and what we all do.  

Safety is in my hands

All team members (Employees & Contractors) own safety outcomes and with that ownership the obligation and authority to perform safety and deliver operational excellence.

We are all  encouraged to look after each other and to challenge anyone working unsafely or opposed to our Core Values.


We are striving for ZERO harm and our safety strategy is forged from our Five Strategic Touch Points.


1.  Personal Ownership

We provide an Onboarding experience for all team members sharing our Vision, Values and setting clear Operational Risk and personal safety expectations. All team members are encouraged to participate in our Safety Behaviour Observation program and trained to conduct positive safety conversations.


2.  Passionate and Capable People

Creating Industry Leading Service, Delivery and Value starts with building industry leading service. Our Engage, Nurture and Grow program provides all team members to learn, develop skills and gain qualifications in Operations and Driving. All leaders participate in our BE a Leader - Leadership, Safety and Investigation Foundations program.


3.  Visibility

Visibility and transparency are critical for leaders to be able to make smart decisions. We have created an Operational Risk system that gives visibility to all leaders with regard to training, skills, incidents and incident management, risk registers and corrective actions. Our reporting is also capable of some predictive reporting particularly with regard to behaviours.

Most importantly ownership and accountability is incorporated into workflow assigning corrective actions directly to people responsible and their mangers to follow up.


4.  Integrated WHS Management System

 Creating the right safety culture is key to our success. The Border Express Operational Risk Management System aims to:

  • Align the Operational Risk expectations to our Vision and Company Values;
  • Provide a framework on which the Board and Executive Management can exercise oversight of Operational Risk performance and legal requirements;
  • Set clear and consistent Operational Risk Standards;
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legislative requirements;
  • Create industry specialists;
  • Provide a framework to our Core Value, BE Better

    5.  Major Risk Reduction

    We are actively committed to providing a safe operating environment for our team members and we work collaboratively to develop innovative risk reduction programs to eliminate identified business and industry risk and hazards.


    Our Performance

    We monitor and report on key safety metrics and include both employees and contractors in our data.

    We measure our Lost Time Injury Frequency, which is the number of reported work-related incidents where a person is unable to work for a day (shift) or more per 1,000,000 hours worked.

    We also measure a Medical Treatment Injury which is an injury or disease that resulted in either a level of treatment given by a physician or other medical personnel under standing orders of a physician or where suitable duties are recommended per 1,000,000 hours worked.

    Lost Time Injury and Medical Treated Injury Frequency Rate (per 1,000,000 hours worked)

    Both our Lost Time Injury and Medical Treatment Injury frequency improved in F16. Although this is encouraging, we continue to focus our efforts on safety to reduce incidents.