Border Express is developing a comprehensive training package for the whole of the company directed at a range of operational levels in the workplace.

This national training program incorporates both operational and administrative functions.  The scheme is largely based on the Commonwealth Government's National Apprenticeship program.  The program will be structured from the Transport & Distribution training package and will be the foundation for providing staff with "trade" like qualifications.

This training scheme has become the Industry standard for many companies across Australia and provides staff with qualifications that are nationally accredited.  The qualifications will be dependant on what role employee's perform in the company and will include Road Transport, Warehousing, and Road Transport Administration.

In addition to the "operator level" training, Border Express is currently exploring professional development options for employees performing supervisory or management roles within the company.

Training Accreditation certificates

Further particulars can be obtained by contacting Operational Risk Support on 02 6022 6048.