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Answers to Common Questions

Group 17

Delivery for senders

Can I get 'Proof of Delivery' if I'm not a Border Express account holder?

You can request this from the Account Holder (sender).

What does 'attempted delivery' mean?

This is where a driver tried to deliver your item but was unable to because either:

  • no-one was home
  • the front door was not easily accessible (e.g. gated property, pets, secure apartment block).

In this case, the driver leaves a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card at your front door or in the recipient’s letterbox, with details on how they can collect their item.

Who is allowed to sign for a parcel?

Anyone at the delivery location can sign for a parcel. If Border Express has attempted delivery, where an item has been taken back to the depot and the receiver has requested to pick up from the depot, the receiver will need to show valid ID to collect their item(s).

Can I track my freight?

Yes, you can. Simply enter your consignment number into our Track It tool and you’ll get a real-time update.

Are there any suburbs or regions that you don’t deliver to?

We are a national carrier and deliver to every postcode in Australia. Please note additional charges may apply where the delivery point is in a remote location.

Group 8

Delivery for receivers

My item was damaged when I received it. Who do I contact for compensation?

All compensation claims need to be lodged via the sender to ensure that Transit Warranty was selected on your delivery.

To find out more, we recommend that you also get in contact with the sender.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What happens if I'm not home?

The driver will leave a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card either at your front door or in your letterbox.

This card has instructions about how you can collect your parcel or get it re-delivered.

Why is my Border Express delivery made by Couriers Please?

Border Express and Couriers Please have a strategic alliance based around a mutual ambition of providing our customers with the best possible service and delivering on time. Whether it’s Border Express or Couriers Please that deliver will depend on the location and situation.

Can the driver call me prior to delivery?

No, the driver can’t call you prior to delivery. This is primarily due to road safety reasons.

Please contact us for alternative arrangements if required.

I haven't received my item. What should I do?

First, use our Track It tool to see if it’s in transit. If it doesn’t show up there, the fastest way to get a reply is via our website. Don’t forget to provide us with your tracking (consignment number) and a detailed description of your item.

We’ll then conduct a thorough investigation and keep you informed at every step of the way.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

We do our best to meet our customers’ requests, but it’s not always possible to make your delivery within a specific time window, due to our delivery schedules and the high volume of deliveries our drivers are making.

When will my item be delivered?

To get an ETA of when your parcel will be delivered, please check our Transit Time tool (pre-delivery) or our Track It tool (if the item is already in transit).

Redelivery, redirection & 'return to sender'

Why has my item been returned to the sender?

Unfortunately, we hold items for up to 7 business days, however we cannot hold items indefinitely. If we have attempted delivery without success and haven’t heard from you, the item will be returned to the sender.

How long will it take for my item to be redirected/re-delivered?

It takes up to 48 hours for your item to be delivered once you have completed your re-direction/re-delivery form.

How can I get my item redelivered or redirected?

If your item has been returned to a Border Express depot, you may be able to have your item redirected or redelivered to an alternative address.

To see if you can redeliver or redirect your parcel, please go to the Missed Delivery tool and complete an online form. You’ll need your consignment number handy.

Please note, not all items can be redirected or redelivered. This is specified by the sender and may require their authorisation.

Tracking and trace

How does Track & Trace work?

Border Express uses scanning technology to track every item that is being transported through our system.

Where do I find the tracking number?

The sender should be able to provide you with the tracking number. It’s usually found on the confirmation email that they send you when the item is sent from their store or warehouse.

How can I track my delivery?

You can track your delivery using our Track It tool. You’ll need your tracking number handy.

Can I track my freight?

Yes, you can. Simply enter your consignment number into our Track It tool and you’ll get a real-time update.

Missed delivery

If my item has been returned to the Border Express depot, can I collect it from there?

Yes, you can. Please use the Missed Delivery tool to complete an online form. This tells us to keep your item at the depot. Then, wait up to one business day for one of our Customer Service Consultants to contact you with the facility address and collection times.

Remember to bring photo ID (e.g. Drivers License, Proof of Age Card, Boat License, Passport) and the consignment number when you collect your item.

I've requested to pick-up at depot. How soon do I get a call from the contact centre?

If you make an online request on the same day that you received a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card, we’ll call you the morning of the following business day.

Can I collect my parcel from your depot on the same day that I receive a 'Sorry We Missed You' card?

No, you won’t be able to collect your parcel on the same day that you receive a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card.

This is because your parcel will only be taken back to the depot by the driver after he/she completes their delivery route, which could be outside of our collection hours. Your parcel is then processed and made ready for collection.

You can arrange for collection via the Missed Delivery tool.

If my parcel has gone back to a Post office, how long will it be held there?

Generally, your item will be held in our depot for up to business days.

If not collected within 7 days, the item will be returned to sender.

On my 'Sorry We Missed You' card, it says my parcel has gone back to the Post Office. When will it be available for collection?

Your item will be available for collection next business day unless indicated on the card. You can also track your delivery status online.

Remember to bring photo ID (e.g. Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card, Boat Licence, Passport) and the consignment number when you collect your item from the Post Office.

Use our Missed Delivery tool.

What are my options when I receive a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card?

If you’ve received a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card, your options depend on what type of delivery you (or the sender) selected.

If the card says that your parcel has been taken back to the Post Office, you will need to collect your parcel from there.

Otherwise you’ve got two options:

Option 1. You can request redelivery to your address or redirect to another address. You can also ask us to leave your parcel in a safe place even if you’re not home.

Option 2. You can request to collect from a Border Express depot. We will contact you once your item is ready for collection to arrange a time for collection.

To arrange your redelivery or depot collect, use our Missed Delivery tool now.

I was home. Why did I receive a 'Sorry We Missed You' card?

Our drivers make every reasonable attempt to deliver your items to you. To ensure their safety, there are a few exceptions to this policy. If your front door is not easily accessible – for example, you live in a gated property, rural property that is fenced or has a driveway unsuitable for heavy vehicles, or secure apartment building – we will leave the ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card in your letterbox.

Group 9

Parcel collection

Can I collect my parcel on the weekend or public holiday?

Our depots aren’t open on weekends or public holidays. Please note that any requests for redelivery or redirection won’t be completed on a public holiday, either. We’ll process it the very next business day.

Do I need to show identification when collecting an item from a Border Express depot?

Yes, you do. Valid ID includes any state or federal photo ID – such as a Driver’s License, Proof of Age Card, Boat License or Passport.

Don’t forget to bring your item’s consignment number, too.

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Bex online

What is My Border Express and My Border Express Online?

These are custom-built despatch systems designed to make it easier for you to manage your freight.

BEXOnline is software that we install into your systems so you can use it even when you’re offline.

This system is ideal for customers who have a high volume of freight; require controlled returns and/or transfers; have slow or intermittent internet connection; require high speed despatch and label printing; require the ability to bulk import consignments; or regularly send identical freight to multiple receivers.

BEXOnline is our secure web-based system, which you can use to manage your freight from any computer, anywhere, any time.

With BEXOnline you can despatch freight, create pick-up bookings, Track & Trace and calculate costs.

BEXOnline gives you greater visibility of your freight, as the system creates a label that works through our sortation equipment and provides accurate live tracking of your despatch.

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