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A Milestone Partnership: Border Express and Noumed Pharmaceuticals

4 April 2024

In the heart of Salisbury South, South Australia, a groundbreaking endeavour is taking shape, heralding a new era in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Noumed Pharmaceuticals, a trusted name in the industry, has been awarded a prestigious government grant to erect a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, set to rival the grandeur of Adelaide Oval itself. And Border Express, a steadfast partner from the outset, is poised to embark on this remarkable journey alongside them.

It all began over two years ago when Border Express became the first transport company to forge ties with Noumed Pharmaceuticals. Back then, Noumed was importing their finished products from the UK. Fast forward to today, and the seeds sown in that initial partnership have flourished into a strong bond.

Kellie Dimech, a dedicated member of the Border Express family, was fortunate enough to witness a pivotal moment in this shared venture. She was invited to Noumed’s symbolic turning of the sod ceremony, a testament to the trust and collaboration between the two entities.

As Noumed’s new manufacturing site takes shape, Border Express stands at the threshold of an exciting expansion.

It’s a testament to the growth and success that stems from partnership and dedication.

This journey is not merely about business; it’s about fostering a community of innovation and progress.

Border Express is proud to be an integral part of this transformative chapter in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and they eagerly anticipate the milestones yet to come.