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"My kids watch me come home from the balcony every day. That's why safety is so important to me."

Anthony Biffin, Bulk Driver

Border express have got a really good culture, its about delivering everything in full, on-time.

But there is one big vision that can’t be missed and that is the vision of safety, so I have got to be aware of that, I’ve got to be looking out for that, every day. Whether it’s in the branch getting loaded, out with a customer, driving along the road, Safety to me is so important.

After I have come back and I have parked my vehicle and I know I’m safe for that day the moment I get home my kids are there looking at me from our balcony with a smile. They know that dads going to be coming home safe, my wife knows that and she knows what the safety is about at Border Express.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, that’s why I give 100% commitment every day, where else would you want to work?