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“I've developed a great relationship with our customers. I know their voices now when they call me.”

Jagmit Kaur, Customer Service Officer

I’ve been working at border express for 3 years now, and I have developed a great relationship with our daily customers, I know their voices now, when they call we just have that light conversation on the side.I know their account codes, I know their business names and I know what sort of freight they usually send through.

Each day is different there’s no black or white, its rainbow I usually say in customer service, you learn something new each day, and it’s great to have customer service teams across the country in other states, we’re all on the same page we all use the same system.

So it’s just easy for me to pick up the phone make a call and they can just help me if I’m investigating regarding something that is in Queensland or Sydney, which actually makes the process a lot easier and faster, and helps me get back to the customer quicker.

It’s just great to be working at Border Express we get our work done, we have fun, we have a laugh we have a chat, everyone’s great here, it’s like a family.