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Work Health & Safety & Chain of Responsibility


At Border Express, we believe it is the right of every person to BE SAFE to ensure everyone returns home safely to their families. 

In support of this value, Border Express will commit to ensuring So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable that we strive for the highest Safety and CoR standards with the fundamental belief that all injuries, illnesses, incidents and CoR breaches are preventable.

In order to drive this commitment and safety value, Border Express will:

  • Demonstrate safety leadership and commitment through all its management structures.
  • Ensure there is a safe work environment, plant and equipment, policies and procedures for safety and CoR risks identified. 
  • Provide the appropriate safety resources across the business in order to support the ongoing implementation of the BE SAFE Health, Safety and Compliance Strategy. 
  • Develop deep Health, Safety and CoR awareness through targeted training and education. 
  • Drive internal and external stakeholder collaboration and individual accountability regarding Health, Safety and CoR matters.
  • Integrate Health, Safety and CoR considerations into the Border Express planning, decision making and daily activities process. 
  • Strive to continuously drive Health, Safety and CoR by setting objectives, plans and performance measures and ensuring there is a regular review process. 
  • Adopting risk management processes to identify and assess health and safety hazards and where they cannot be eliminated, ensure they are effectively controlled.
  • Develop, implement and monitor safe systems of work and maintain plant and equipment to a standard where associated hazards are identified, assessed and controlled.
  • Ensure all Health, Safety and CoR incidents are accurately reported, recorded and root causes are identified to ensure repeat incidents can be eliminated. 

Border Express management will be committed to providing Safety and CoR leadership, resources and accountability to ensure this policy can be implemented.  

This Policy will be communicated to all levels of Border Express, both directly and by publication in appropriate places including the Border Express Intranet, website and notice boards.

This Policy is made available to all potentially affected parties and will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the business operational scope.