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Border Express and Honda: A Quality Partnership

January 2024

The Synergy Between Border Express and Honda in Delivering Quality and Customer Service


In logistics, the importance of a reliable and efficient partnership between a company and its logistics provider cannot be understated. For Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment, the collaboration with Border Express, has proven to be a fruitful relationship that embodies their commitment to quality and customer service.

Sam Schepis, the General Manager Customer Service at Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment, shared his insight into the dynamics of this partnership and how it benefits both companies as well as the customers they serve.

Border Express became the carrier of choice for Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment in April 2023. According to Sam, one of the primary factors that drew Honda to Border Express was their impressive national coverage and the ability to transport a wide range of varying sized products. Mr Schepis noted, “Honda’s requirements of a transport company to carry our products are coverage and the breadth of the product because we’re talking about smaller handheld products right up to large motorcycles. We really needed a partner that could handle those types of things.”

What makes the partnership between Border Express and Honda stand out is the synergy between their services and the seamless integration of their systems. Mr Schepis emphasised, “The bulk and parcel service dovetails nicely with Honda’s requirements. There’s seamless integration between Honda’s system with the outbound dispatch of Border Express, so there’s full transparency and visibility across the delivery that our dealers can see and track at any time.” This level of transparency and reliability is crucial for Honda, as it helps them maintain their commitment to delivering high-quality products to their customers.

In addition to the technical aspects of the partnership, the human element plays a significant role in the success of this collaboration. Mr Schepis praised the team at Border Express for their friendly and personable approach, which has allowed them to build a strong relationship early on. He added, “It’s been a very smooth transition, and it feels like a true partnership.” The personal touch and commitment to mutual success have fostered a sense of trust and camaraderie between the two companies.

In conclusion, the partnership between Border Express and Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment is a shining example of how collaboration between two companies can result in a mutually beneficial relationship. The ability of Border Express to meet Honda’s diverse transportation needs, combined with their technological integration and excellent customer service, has led to a partnership that is efficient, reliable, and, most importantly, dedicated to delivering quality products and service to their customers. As Mr Schepis summarised, “Border Express’ commitment to deliver is 100% matched to Honda’s passion for quality and customer service.” This partnership between Border Express and Honda demonstrates that, when two companies share similar values and dedication to their customers, it’s a recipe for success.