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Why Our Drivers Cannot Bring Parcels Inside Your Home

November 2023

Safety First – Why Our Drivers Cannot Bring Parcels Inside Your Home

In the world of e-commerce and fast-paced delivery services, truck drivers play a vital role in ensuring that your online purchases reach your doorstep efficiently. Our team of drivers brave the elements and navigate through traffic to get your parcels to you on time. We’re committed to making your delivery experience as smooth as possible, however, there are good reasons as to why our team is not permitted to bring parcels into your home. It is important to consider the safety and efficiency obligations that influence these decisions.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Risks

Occupational Health and Safety obligations are designed to protect the welfare of Border Express employees as well as our customers. Border Express has a duty under Comcare to comply with both the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) and Regulations 2019, in combination with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act).

If a Border Express driver was to enter a home, they may inadvertently be exposed to unfamiliar environments which could present unforeseen health and safety hazards. Customers’ residences may contain allergens, contagious illness, aggressive pets, hazardous chemicals, or other risks unknown to our drivers. By maintaining a safe delivery practice that keeps both parcels and drivers outside your home, Border Express ensures OHS concerns are thoroughly addressed and our obligations for employee welfare adhered to, in-turn providing a safer environment for all involved.

Ensuring Safety for All

Our drivers at Border Express have a demanding job role that often involves the strenuous task of lifting and handling various packages throughout the full working day. The idea of entering customers’ homes may seem inviting but as stated can pose significant risks to their health and safety including their physical and psychological well-being. Homes can present uneven or unstable surfaces, access issues, and dangerous obstacles that may all increase the likelihood of accidents or injuries.  Prioritising the safety and security of our customers and drivers is of paramount importance.  By refraining from entering homes, our drivers proactively mitigate and reduce the risk of safety related incidents and ensure peace of mind for both parties.

Living Our Values
At Border Express, one of our company values is ‘BE SAFE’. Part of our value-based strategy encapsulates a simple yet inspiring message that underscores the utmost importance of safety and wellbeing, not only for our dedicated team members but also for the broader community. Safety excellence is our unwavering goal, and we continue to pursue the highest safety standards to ensure that every individual return home safely to their loved ones.

The policy of not permitting Border Express drivers to bring parcels into your home is not intended to inconvenience customers; rather, it is driven by a profound commitment to safety standards and obligations. It is crucial to recognise that this practice is in place to safeguard the well-being of both customers and drivers while simultaneously maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process. By collectively upholding these safety measures, we can ensure a seamless and secure delivery experience for all parties involved. Safety always comes first in the world of Border Express.