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5 Expert Tips To Pack Boxes Like A Pro

Everyone has packaged items into cardboard boxes at some point in their lives for various reasons, such as moving to a new home or sending presents to a loved one. Through this experience, you rapidly learn that while packing might sound like an easy task, it simply isn’t. Our box packing tips can go a long way to ensuring you safely and securely pack your boxes.

Making mistakes while packaging items can lead to disasters where people on the receiving end may get broken items due to inadequate packaging. By following these few simple box packing tips, the process of packing boxes will become painless and more straightforward for you.

1. Analyze Your Situation

Before putting items in boxes, you should make a few important considerations to determine how you will pack the boxes. If you are packing boxes for moving to another home, it is more acceptable to roughly fill them, as the only time you will handle them is when the boxes are put in a truck and taken to your new home. However, in that case, the boxes should be taped and adequately labelled for organisation and convenience.

When packing items for self-storage, the only thing you should be worried about is that the boxes stacked over one another should be strong enough to bear the weight over time.

If you are packing for shipping an item to another place, you should strictly ensure that the box has been packaged appropriately for shipping; there is always a significant risk of your parcels being mishandled by the staff at depots.

Boxes should be appropriately labelled and have a good cushioning layer to ensure that the items in the package do not get any scuffs or scratches. Proper packing ensures that the box’s items receive little to no impact from the package’s constant loading and unloading by the freight company workers.

2. Pick The Appropriate Box

One of the best box packing tips is to ensure that you have chosen the right box for your item. The package you decide to put your item in becomes a significant factor in ensuring its overall safety. A good quality box should always be chosen, generally a box with a strong layer of cardboard surrounding it. The box’s size should also not be much larger than the item’s original size, as shipping companies often charge customers based on the size of their boxes.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are generally better as they have a greater strength-to-weight ratio and are easier to handle. However, you can also use paperboard boxes for lighter items, as their single-ply structure can only support small items.

The thickness of corrugated cardboard boxes varies and should be considered accordingly. For ensuring extra safety of your items, you can opt for thicker versions, but the standard 4.8mm thick boxes are suitable for most purposes. In any case, the package’s weight should not exceed 30 kilograms to maintain easier handling and shipping.

3. Proper Spacing And Cushioning

While putting the items in the boxes, you should ensure that the package is big enough to accommodate them. The box’s size should always consider that you will need an extra 5 to 7 centimeters between the item and the walls of the box for cushioning.

This is an essential box packing tip. Cushioning items in the box with bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, paper mache trays, and foam will ensure that the package’s contents reach the destination with minimal impact.

4. Labeling And Taping

Once the boxes are ready to be moved, one should always label the box on the outside with the sender and receiver’s names to ensure that the freight company does not deliver the wrong package to the incorrect address. Unfortunately, this is very common in inexperienced freight companies. When using older boxes, make sure to remove any previous writings on the box, if any.

One should also use duct tape on the box as it is the most appropriate tape when shipping boxes to other places due to its powerful adhesive properties and ability to endure in rough conditions.

5. Choosing The Right Freight Company

The most crucial packing tip is choosing the best freight company when shipping any item. This is because lousy freight companies often mishandle packages, leading to significant wear and tear on items. Border Express is one of Australia’s leading freight companies, renowned for its exceptional customer satisfaction and reliability.

Border Express has been giving Australians its premium freight services for over 40 years. It has consistently ensured that your packages are dealt with love and care, making them an excellent option for delivering your items nationwide. So next time, whenever you need freight shipping services, be sure to contact Border Express to make sure that your items reach their destination in the condition you shipped them in!