committed to deliver 100%

For more than 30 years, we have committed to deliver only the best service and the best results.
And now as we move into a new age of growth, we have set the bar as high as it will go.

We are not just 100% committed to deliver your freight, which is what you should expect of any freight carrier, we are committed to deliver 100%.

When you think about it there is a big difference.

Anything less than a 100% successful delivery is not acceptable to us and shouldn’t be to you either.

It seems to us that many in our industry believe that if they get it right most of the time or even nearly all the time, they’ve done a good job.

Not us. Not ever. Our commitment to deliver 100% on time, in full and intact is real.

There is no compromise.

Near enough is very definitely not good enough at Border Express.

It’s not good enough for us and it shouldn’t be good enough for you either.

committed to deliver 100% is our culture and in our family DNA

We’re pretty down to earth, get on with the job sort of people. It’s our natural culture that starts from the top down.

When Max Luff started Border Express way back in 1981 he embedded the core of our culture, with his belief that nothing can be achieved without a 100% commitment from everyone. Today our people are committed to deliver 100% on every delivery, on every day. It comes down to pride and satisfaction for all of us, by getting it right 100% of the time.

Our goal is to be the best and most respected express freight service in Australia and our vision is clear and our values reinforce it.

our vision
To be recognised by our customers as the industry leader for service, delivery and value. To achieve this we will leverage off our greatest assets – people, process, innovation and technology, in an environment that is focused on safety and sustainability.